Music Scoring Service


Offered to both our studio artists and also to artists worldwide, we offer a full professional music scoring service here at Broadwater Studios. We have vast experience of scoring accross a full range of genre from acoustic/piano driven tracks, rock/pop, film and educational resources right through to orchestral.



We're aware that every project is different, but in the interests of giving a solid guage of our pricing structure, our charges are typically:


1x A4 page of 'regular' score £25 (See example)

1x A4 page of 'complex' score £35 (See example)


* Tracks which have 'repeat/duplicate' sections are only charged for once


'"Artists use their score in a broadening way to the past. The traditional 'songbook' option is still popular but new advances such as embedding music score as an optional Youtube link have really opened up your possibilities to getting your music out to a greater audience of musicians'"

Dez Minto - Studio Manager


When sending us the tracks you would like scoring, please note that we need a clear recording of the track to enable us to accurately represent it in score; all words need to be sent through using the spelling you would like to appear on the music. Although we will chat through your tracks with you - please accompany our chat with as much information as possible on a supporting email to ensure we have understood everything and have a 'black and white' reference to accompany our work.

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"I'm delighted with the music score service at Broadwater Studios. The manuscript has made my music accessable to churches all over the world. I'm completely happy with the way Jenny understood and interpreted my music into the score."

Sarah White



Songwriters - please also see our accompanying 'Songwriters' section and see how we can best support your project here at Broadwater Studios.