'Audio Portfolio'





ProTools & Logic Pro
Inc: SSL Native, Focusrite 'RED' series, Arturia V Collection 5, S Slate full plugin subscription, Waves Gold, Izotope Suite, Antares Autotune 8, BFD3, Vienna Symphonic, Kick Ass Brass, Sound Replacer, Omnisphere, Smack, TL Native Plugins, Hybrid Synth. KOMPLETE 11 & S Slate Drum Replacement.

Hardware & Instruments

Apple 2022 M1 & 2x Apple cinema Displays
A & H Analogue monitoring desk, Avid 'Control 24' digital mixing console, Focusrite 'Claret' series pre/convertors



Large selection of mics including S.E. Gemini 2, SE Gemini 5 and S.E. z5600 valve mics, 2x AKG c414, 2x S.E.4s, Neat Audio King Bee, 2x Rode NT2 Mk1, 1x Rode NT1a, 1x Neumann u87 'MOD', 1x SExRibbon, 2x M Audio Luna, Shure SM Drum Mic Set, Audix D6, 2x AKG C1000, 2x Sm58, 4x Sm57s, 2x Joe Meek (WA 84 clone)



Each room has 4 individual stereo monitor mixes with Beyer DT150 headphones.

A pair of Focal Shape Twin alongside a reference pair or KRK G2 6'' monitors/w/sub are in the main control room.

KRK G2 5'' Monitors/w/sub are in studio 2 with Tannoy Reveal Active as 2nd reference

SSL Alpha Channel, 'Golden Age' Pre73, Klark Technik 76JT, Focusrite Penta, Focusrite Twintrack Pro, Focusrite Claret/Focusrite 16 additional optical preamps (32 simultaneous inputs), Drawmer Analogue Stereo Compressor, Focusrite Trackmaster Pro. Line 6 Pod 2, Chromatic Racktuner.

Yamaha CYP1 Digital Piano, 1968 Hammond T100 & Leslie Speaker, Roland Fully Weighted Piano, Korg Trition, Korg Lamda Analogue Synth & Roland JX1, Fender 2x12 Twin Channel Guitar Amplifier, Jalapeno Drum Kit 18, 10, 12, 14, 16, 14 snare. Pearl DrumKit 22, 10, 12, 14, 14 snare. Range of percussion inc Timbales, Congas and a Cajon.

Range of acoustic, electric and bass guitars inc Fender Telecaster, Strat, Les Paul Special, Fender Jazz Bass, Yamaha RGXa, Line 6 Variax and Fender Acoustic. S.E. Large Reflexion Filter and a set of smaller instrument Reflexion filters are available to use in any of the live rooms.


* Although all the equipment above is situated in the studio, if you a relying on a particular piece of equipment being there for you session you must confirm prior to the session to ensure it's not hired out and is available for you to use.



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'With consistent commercial success, a track record in both the US and UK top 20, and breakthrough track airplay on Radio 1, 2 & 6 Music, this is an exciting time to be involved with us! Our expanding voiceover portfolio also includes audio work for ITV, BBC1, BBC3, MTV and Channel 5. We are the choice in the region from unisigned artists right through to International labels.'

Dez Minto - Studio Manager.